Sandy Bertrand Physical Therapy

Includes stabilization, general strengthening, movement education and functional strengthening. At Sandy Bertrand PT you get one-on-one care working with one therapist for the entire treatment including exercise and movement training. The benefits of this are tenfold. With this model, there is no loss of information in communication because the therapist who assessed and felt the deficiency in the patient carries out the exercise. Being trained and certified in Selec Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) techniques, Sandy gets a full body perspective of how a person’s overall movement pattern may be contributing to his or her pain and dysfunction. Using this as the foundation for treatment, a program for movement correction is set up in order to correct the problem for life.

Services: Manual Therapy | Movement Re-Training | Needling
Biomechancial Analysis | Bike Fitting | Orthotics | Laser Therapy