Sandy Bertrand Physical Therapy

“Integrative biomedical needling” is a philosophy developed by Dr. Yun Tao Ma, an internationally recognized acupuncturist and neuroscientist. It is a Dry needling philosophy which combines Trigger Point Dry Needling and Intermuscular Stimulation. With this approach we strive to have a physiological impact on the spinal cord segments which relate to the area of injury or pain, the local neuromuscular system and its relationship to trigger points as well as the whole system’s homeostasis. This philosophy has been extremely successful in assisting in the recovery of acute, chronic, and overuse injuries. It helps to reduce pain and tension, promote healing, and reduce biomechanical and postural stress.

Services: Manual Therapy | Movement Re-Training | Needling
Biomechancial Analysis | Bike Fitting | Orthotics | Laser Therapy