Sandy Bertrand Physical Therapy

Sandy Bertrand has given me the hope and motivation to heal, in mind and body. Sandy loves being a physical therapist, and it shows through her work every single session. I give her an A+!
Susan E. Warp, MA (retired educator)

Sandy is by far the most skilled, intuitive, funny and HELPFUL physical therapist I've ever worked with as an athlete. She's been the first person to address my leg length discrepancy in a way that makes sense and has allowed me to love running again! Her approach is personal as well as a reflection of her years of experience and wisdom.
Name Withheld

One of Sandy's greatest strengths is her ability to pull together major facts, minor details and past history to identify and correct not only current problems but also underlying causes and issues. Her thorough knowledge of body mechanics is truly impressive and helped identify the complex issues causing my Achilles problems.
Renee Loria